• Amy Toledano

Hear Me Howl Presented by Lydia Rynne

Alice Pitt-Carter as Jess

What is it?

Hear Me Howl is the story of one woman and her discovery of self through the post-punk era of rock and roll.

What's it all about?

Jess is almost thirty. And lately, she has become increasingly aware of this fact. She has a normal job, a normal flat and a normal boyfriend all of which she knows she should be grateful for. And yet, she is completely miserable. Aside from the guilt that comes with this misery comes a shock discovery that forces Jess to re-navigate her current path and embrace the woman she truly wants to be.

After a series of Facebook clicks, Jess befriends a woman who introduces her to the world of post-punk music, and soon Jess finds herself learning that perhaps the cookie-cutter life that has been laid out for her is not the one she is meant to follow.

How did it make me feel?

More than anything this is a show about discovery. Alice Pitt-Carter (Jess) is a tour-de-force in this one woman piece, with energy bursting from the seams and taking the audience on one heck of a ride. The show has real guts and writer Lydia Rynne packs a punch that makes Jess extremely watchable and funny. Her relatable narrative is witty and the musical underscore works really well overall. The only thing I wanted more of was the actual drums themselves. I often found myself being distracted by the fact that Jess was holding the sticks when she wasn't using them and felt as though they were a slightly underused tool that worked so well in the moments that they were utilized.

Anything Else?

Hear Me Howl is a great show that exudes passion and life. It has a heart that bleeds angst and hope and is a great homage to the post- punk women of the past.

Amy x


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