• Amy Toledano

Greyscale Presented by Anonymous Is A Woman

What is it?

An immersive, voyeuristic, choose your own adventure style show that gives an intimate audience the chance to hear two sides of one story and make their own mind up about how the actual events unfolded.

What's it all about?

Lucy and James have just matched on Tinder and for the first time in a long time they are both sure that perhaps this time the person they are meeting is not going to be a complete waste of time.

During this particular show, the group decides to hear from James first, and immediately he addresses the group and talks about his incredible date with Lucy. He gushes about how good looking she is, how clever and how lovely, and it appears that the date has gone extremely well. But once he checks his phone to read a text from her, a wave of worry washes over him and he runs off to give her a call.

We are then led to a small room that is covered in viewing slots, that we are able to watch the pair through. We witness their date and a shift in the emotions in the room, and it isn't until we go into a local pub to hear from Lucy, that we understand that perhaps the date wasn't everything that James had suggested.

How did it make me feel?

This show is totally groundbreaking. It is immediate, and boasts its own brand of experiential theatre. Things happen in real-time for the audience and this has such a profound impact on their experience that the reactions are completely honest and raw, which makes the overall performance so much more organic. Both actors are engaging and relatable and the writing by Joel Samuels and Madeline Gould is clever and ambiguous as the audience is forced to reflect on their own experiences and ask questions about their understanding of consent.

Anything Else?

A completely original and intriguing experience that is unconventional and unnerving. An important story about choice and all the implications those choices come with.

Amy x

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