• Amy Toledano

Getting Over Everest presented by The Hope Theatre

What Is It?

Getting Over Everest by Natasha Santos is having a second life at the Hope Theatre. It was originally staged at the venue back in April, and has since been revived and edited for a second and longer run. The show is about being dumped over the holidays and redefining life post-love.

What Is It About?

Two weeks before Christmas, Libby’s (Natasha Santos) boyfriend of 10 years, Rob Everest, breaks up with her. As she sinks deeper into alcohol and bad decisions, her best friend, Steph (Samantha Spurgin, also playing Nurse and Ensemble) tries, mostly in vein, to get her out of her slump. Steph tries to feed her friend, encourage her, and take her out on the night of her life, but all attempts fail. During the course of Libby’s journey, she comes close to losing her job, replaces food with alcohol, and hooks up with a questionable man, (played by George Vafakis, who also plays Boss, Bar Man, and Ensemble) which ends up landing her in a sex health clinic. There, Libby finally opens up, confiding in a stranger — the nurse who’s going to test her for chlamydia. After this emotional release, Libby is finally ready to truly get over Everest.

How Did It Make Me Feel?

While Natasha Santos is a captivating performer, the performance of Getting Over Everest as a whole falls flat. The more Libby screams, the less and less her jokes seem funny. During a night out, she falls twice, which look more painful than funny, making the audience react with gasps instead of laugher. Throughout the performance, the theatre is silent, instead of buzzing with amusement. In truth, it feels insulting to laugh. There’s nothing funny about someone constantly screaming in pain. And although Libby is visibly in pain, we don’t learn who she truly is until the end.

Where Is It Playing?

Getting Over Everest by Natasha Santos is playing at the Hope Theatre until 21st December 2019. 

Anything Else?

The show leaves a lot of “whys” left to the audience’s imagination. We don’t know why Libby stayed with Rob when her best friend and flatmate Steph says that she never liked him. We don’t know why Libby won’t talk to or open up to anyone. We don’t know why Rob broke up with her until the very end. And we don’t know why Libby stole a pair of Rob’s underwear when he broke up with her. Without these explanations early on, it’s hard to sympathize with Libby. By the middle of the performance, I was convinced that Libby cheated on Rob. This would explain why Libby was withholding the reason Rob broke up with her. However, the end was void of a big reveal.

Rebecca x

Getting Over Everest is playing at the Hope Theatre until the 21st December 2019.

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