• Amy Toledano

Gaping Hole presented by Ovalhouse, Greg Wohead and Rachel Mars.

Image courtesy of Alex Brenner

What Is It?

Gaping Hole is an original work in which two writers/performers discuss popular plot holes and political lies. 

What Is It About? Rachel Mars and Greg Wohead are two people, themselves, who set the stage around them with holes, both literal and figurative. The performance is divided into three parts. Part One is quite a performance-art based section, with loud and intense music. This section saw Mars and Wohead appearing, disappearing, and reappearing from the various holes in the stage. Part Two also turned to pop culture where the two performers discussed plot holes in major films that everyone could relate to, all the while, still appearing to be digging or searching for something in the holes in the stage. This then turned to them reading their own stories which loosely combined two of the movie plots they had previously discussed. These stories are hilarious, creative, and interesting. Part Three involves great use of digital aid in which the two read an email chain between themselves that discusses how they are going to write this piece in the first place, which is to included plot holes in their own lives. It ends with a sense of peace, as they are able to fill the holes in the stage, make some revelations about themselves, and leave the audience chuckling as there is one final hole that can not be perfectly covered, which is a reference to a topic they spoke about during the show.  How Did It Make Me Feel?  At first, in Part one, the piece feels rather intimidating with the loud music and use of strobe lights. It is also a little disorientating, but this seems to be the point. Straying from the usual style of performance art pieces, this show is really entertaining and quite thought provoking. Mars and Wohead are very impressive, especially as they are able to tie so many strings together and make their story line swing full circle. It it funny simply because it is real; people can relate to the email chain and people can find truth in the plot holes found in popular films.

  Where Is It Playing? Ovalhouse until 23 November 2019 before the theatre's move to Brixton in 2020.

Anything Else? Do yourself a favour and pop over to Ovalhouse to see this show. I had no idea what to expect and I ended up loving it. It is incredibly clever. Mars and Wohead are a great team with honest and raw performances. They're use of the stage is brilliant and I loved seeing the metaphors comes to life with the physicality on the stage.

Natasha x

Gaping Hole is playing at Ovalhouse until the 23rd November 2019.

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