• Amy Toledano

Fiji presented by Clay Party and Conflicted Theatre

Images courtesy of Jonathan Oldfield

What Is It?

Fiji is inspired by true events that occurred in Germany in 2001. It is a modern, unique, and taboo love story of two people with a very peculiar type of...lust.

What Is It About?

We are introduced right away to a charming and inquisitive Sam (deliciously played by Pedro Leandro). He is quite abruptly joined by Nick (played very charismatically by Edward Stone), as they are in fact in Nick's home for a first...date? The audience soon learns that this is not a typical first date meeting, as the two seem to have a darker secret that they are hesitant to talk about. It soon becomes apparent that Nick and Sam are not your traditional lovers, (and let's be clear, this is about love, at least for Sam), because if the weekend continues to go as planned, it will be the first and last time the two meet, as Nick wants to eat Sam and Sam really wants to be eaten.  

How Did It Make Me Feel?

Cleverly laid out in a series of get-to-know-you asides, we see the pair really become quite close. This is also a great use of detailing the passage of time over the weekend, which the writing team of Stone, Leandro and Evan Lordan do a fabulous job showcasing. 

One finds oneself feeling really conflicted for the two men: On the one hand, the audience wants Nick to eat Sam because that is what Sam truly wants. On the other hand, the audience does not want Nick to eat him because Nick seems to be falling for him and it would be really interesting to see a relationship play out between the two. 

Stone, Leandro, and Lordan (who is also director) do a fabulous job of making the audience root for both boys and desperately wanting what each of them want. So much so, even until the very last second the audience is not sure if Nick is really going to do it. In the final moment before the black out, Nick makes an action that causes the audience to gasp. Are we shocked? Are we happy? Are we relieved? 

Anything Else?

Stone and Leandro play the two with such honesty; they give stellar performances. They have strong chemistry and it truly comes across as two people who have built a trusting relationship on and off the stage. It is a very tender, if not sickening courtship and it is a pleasure to be an audience member in their developing relationship. 

Fiji is playing at Omnibus Theatre until the 24th November 2019.

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