• Amy Toledano

Femfringe presented at VAULT Festival.

What is it?

A feel-good feminist variety show with everything from a cheeky, glitter-nipped burlesque from Tallulah Gold, a ukulele duo, some stand up and drag king, Jazmin Qunta as King Kunta celebrating the modern wonder of ‘snowflake’ politics.

What is it about?

FemFringe is an ever-evolving variety show committed to showcasing a plethora of female and non-binary created art.

Upon entering the FemFringe, our host tells us that: “Women in theatre make up 65% of audiences, but only 39% of actors, 36% of directors and 28% of writers.”

FemFringe aims to disrupt these troubling statistics by putting all things feminine artwork on stage and celebrating the creativity of a whole host of performers.

After sold-out shows at the Edinburgh Fringe festival and at Vault Festival 2018, FemFringe is back in London for Vault 2020 with some new and old performers, bringing all things femme and fringe back onto London’s creative scene.

How did it make me feel?

It’s definitely a joyful and vivacious journey into the unconventional. Despite the statistics, FemFringe doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously. While you might not leave feeling wowed in TED-talk fashion, it’s definitely a jolly descent into all things performance art, poetry, stand-up, burlesque and drag with some jokey political leanings.

While you can’t fault its fun side and feminist theatre fans will certainly be laughing on side, I wonder if the show would manage to convince any less feminist or more conventional fans towards their audience.

Furthermore, in an arts scene that is bursting with talent, it’s a little disappointing to see a feminist variety show looking so disorganised and clunky.

Anything else?

While I love the concept, I feel like FemFringe could do with a little more neatening up.

Leah x

FemFringe is playing at the Crescent, VAULT Festival until the 15th March 2020.

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