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Feed Presented by Theatre Témoin

What is it?

Devised by the company, this dark comedy explores the extreme nature of the online world, the influence of youtube bloggers, powerful images and the true meaning of "going viral".

What's it all about?

Journalist Kate (Louise Lee) has spent most of her career writing fluff pieces that have never gained much online traction. However when her article about a small boy killed in Gaza called Nabil does go viral, Kate does not have time to celebrate, as the powerful image attached is not Nabil but in fact a local boy from Peckham. To make matters more complicated, the photograph belongs to Kate's girlfriend Clem (Yasmine Yagchi).

In another part of the internet, a popular youtube vlogger (Esmee Marsh) has seen Kate's article and has decided to start raising awareness for this little boy and his story. Lurking in the shadows is SEO Expert Tim (Jonathan Peck), who has developed feelings for this blogger, boosts the video, and soon ensures a chain reaction that reveals the darkest parts of the internet and clickbait that pushes many people to the edges of themselves.

How did it make me feel?

This show is bound to make anyone feel uncomfortable. It reveals the ugliest, most gluttonous parts of society in its various online forms. The cast are brilliant and committed throughout, throwing themselves into this bizarre, insane world. The devices used are clever, and the commentary on the human need for impressions and likes is overwhelming. Visually it is spectacular, covering the theatre in a dark hue that envelopes and digests the audience. It is clear that the work has gone into making this show, with its detail bursting out of itself, creating a piece of theatre that is completely unique.

Anything Else?

Feed will challenge your innermost desires and reveal the parts of us we often only share online.

Amy x

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