• Amy Toledano

Fall Prettier Presented by Wet Paint

What is it?

A fantastical mash up of glitter, music and kick ass jackets that takes a new look at the Greek Tragedy of Medea.

What's it all about?

Where to start?

Fall Prettier is about SO MANY THINGS. Mostly though, it follows the idea that women from classic literature, Greek Mythology, right through to contemporary writing have often been thought of in one singular way. In particular the piece focuses on Medea and the real reasoning as to why she killed her children in the classic tale by Euripides.

Opening with a magical musical ear worm Medea dances. But her dancing is not that of someone who is free, in fact she is trapped. Trapped in the music, the repetition, this version of herself.

We hear from Medea first, a woman of assumption, all eyes knowing her without ever listening. Her words are powerful and as the piece continues we also hear from Glauce, the woman Medea's husband Jason left her for.

Two vilified women, we see their therapy sessions, their memories of being children, and the constant archetypal nonsense that is forced upon them their entire lives.

How did it make me feel?

What. A. Ride.

Musically this show flies. The entire cast have moments of brilliance. Helga Ragnars has a fantastic soprano sound that floats across the entire piece, and Knut Olav Rygnestand is to thank for all the amazing piano arrangements, along with a bit of a Katy Perry moment just to spice things up.

Movement director Zandile Darko not only plays the title role of Medea but gives the piece the movement and the little details that make it so good.

The "Nasty Women" sections of the piece, led by the hilarious Laura Schuller, shines a light on the insane nature of the current media and its attitude toward women in the spotlight. Her jacket-flicking attitude is also a moment of genius.

Writer and director Therese Ramstedt who plays Medea's "rival" Glauce, is a force to be wreckened with. Vocally flawless, with a folky sound that adds such atmosphere to the piece, in particular to the ending, Ramstedt brings together so many intimate moments of reveal, and is absolutely someone the theatre world should be looking out for.

Where Is It Playing?

The Space at The Isle Of Dogs provides the intimate theatre that this piece needs with acoustics that add another layer to the haunting and hilarious vocals used throughout.

Anything Else?

Bold, innovative and totally ruthless in its mission to tell its story, Fall Prettier is definitely a show you can watch multiple times, taking something different with each viewing.

Fall Prettier runs at The Space until the 30th June 2019

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