• Amy Toledano

Eleanor Colville: Google Me

What Is It?

Fresh from the Edinburgh Fringe, Google Me is the one hour stand up performance of character comedian Eleanor Colville performing at VAULT Festival.

What Is It About?

This concept driven piece of stand up uses the idea of internet algorithms to create an outcome based narrative. Following a messy breakup with her long term boyfriend, Eleanor Colville explores the millennial conundrum of our love hate relationship with the online world. With the creation of her very own comedy bot, Colville takes us on a journey through the cyan igloos of Club Penguin to the strange world of ghosting and predictive Google searches.

How Did It Make Me Feel?

Any show that offers food upon your entrance has already got a check in my good books, and the pun based comedy of this hour-long set is off to a flying start as Eleanor Colville offers her audience a cookie - chocolate chip, very tasty but not vegan - as her audience enters the Network Theatre space. This pre-show set up very much places you in the eccentric and zany world of Colville’s comedy and this energy doesn’t let up for the entirety of the show.

Colville is a highly skilled comedy performer. Her energy, while anxious and self deprecating, creates an easy rapport with her audience. Her charm and wit shine through within the framework of her novel concept and the self aware embarrassment, tinged with nostalgia at her youthful online pursuits rings close to home for many of us in our twenties. Colville’s comedy is very relatable to someone within her age group like myself, but she does not exclude those of older generations out of the hilarity. While some of the jokes may not land with quite the same impact, Colville contextualises enough to keep a wider demographic engaged.

Yet, for all the silliness and cringeworthy reflections on her Facebook statuses of yester-year, the way in which Colville touches on her mental health is handled with clever delicacy. Throughout the hilarity, she offers us sudden glimpses into the tragedy within the comedy, of how social media can ironically create a sense of isolation and negatively impact our mental health. As she touches on her depression and loneliness, we are grounded back into the reality of modern life - that while Facebook, Twitter and Instagram may give us the means to immediately communicate with our friends and family, no matter the physical distance between us, we can still feel the pain of rejection, of being ignored and sidelined.

That said, this is not a cynical exposé on our consumption of technology, but it is a funny and entertaining reflection on one woman’s experiences in the modern world, brilliantly executed by a very talented comic.

Anything Else?

Ironically, given the show’s subject matter, Eleanor Colville can be found on Twitter and I would absolutely recommend giving her a follow - she is definitely a talent to watch.

Alexandra x

Eleanor Colville: Google Me is playing at The Network Theatre until the 30th January 2020.

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