• Amy Toledano

Drop Dead Gorgeous presented by Same Same Collective

What is it?

This fascinating look at what it is to be a "dainty, feminine woman" breaks down the form of the play and combines movement, comedy and a whole lot of fruit.

What is it about?

The Cavern is one of the more grimy spaces at The Vaults, and it's dankness often adds to the impact a show can have on us. In Same Same Collective's piece Drop Dead Gorgeous, there is no exception as the dark, damp room holds a contrasting pristine white round table, covered in an assortment of various fruits at it's centre. As the piece begins, four women, in flowing red dresses emerge, moving in measured time with some pleasant and soon to become repetitious string plinking music.

The women breathe, they inhale, they take their time, only looking, never really taking from the table. Only ever doing what they are supposed. Until they don't. These women, becoming more and more dishevelled begin to let go of this perfect image of femininity and instead begin to lean into the joy of taking what they want.

How did it make me feel?

Drop Dead Gorgeous makes no compromises on time. We watch these women repeat their movements, slow steady and beautiful, always beautiful. Never rushing and always presenting us with something sweet. But once the first hand takes more than a cherry, this show escalates in an exciting and entertaining way.

A nod to the famous story of Eve and the garden of Eden, these women take only what they are told, temptation shoved under their noses and forcing them to look the other way.

But what happens when the scales tip and women decide to give in to the forbidden fruit? The table literally shatters and women shove this dripping, sweet food into their mouths without apology.

Anything else?

Ending before we realise these women quite literally take back and squash the stereotypes around gluttony and greed in women. We deserve a place at the table too.

Amy x

Drop Dead Gorgeous is playing in the Cavern, VAULT Festival, until the 15th February 2020.

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