• Amy Toledano

Drag Queen Stole My Dress by Gillian English PBH's Free Fringe at Voodoo Rooms

What Is It?

Gillian English recounts her relationship with the man she almost married at age twenty four, and the night a drag queen literally stole her dress.

What Is It All About?

Gillian English is not stranger to a good story. And in this show, she explores what it was like to be a woman of twenty four, wanting to be loved.

Her story is a familiar one, gas lighting in one of it's strongest forms, English was made to feel small, to feel as if her thoughts were insane and that everything her partner said to her was true.

The show takes a comedic approach to exploring the choices women have, or more often, do choices women do not have and how to break away from unhealthy situations and look after number one.

How Did It Make Me Feel?

I laughed and I cried, but mostly I connected. English has a very familiar style that makes the audience feel comfortable in her presence instantly.

This show is more tender and emotional than her other popular show 10 Things I Hate About Taming Of The Shrew, but does not mean it is any less funny. Stories of shopping for a wedding dress before she is engaged, working at a casino as a showgirl and moving to Australia are all warm and inviting tales that all transport the audience into English's world and keeps them there until to the end.

Her stories are so seeded in truth it is impossible not to like her, to see yourself in her experiences and want so badly to share a bottle of wine (or three) with her, chatting about life and plotting the eventual take down of the patriarchy.

Anything Else?

Another win for Gillian English, her style is so unique and fun you are going to be fan-girling as much as I am!

Amy x

Drag Queen Stole My Dress by Gillian English is playing at PBH's Free Fringe Voodoo Rooms until the 25th August 2019.

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