• Amy Toledano

Dickens For Dinner, C Venues, Viva Mainhouse

What Is It?

A new take on an old Dickens classic (in this case Oliver Twist) in which a group of improvisors ramp up the energy and recreate a 55 minute version of this well known story.

What Is It All About?

Oliver Twist has had many a remake, from the musical to the film we all know some version of this orphan boys tale. However never have we seen Oliver himself as a puppet, running around the streets of London and trying to keep the original plot intact.

Buckets of energy take us from the orphanage to Fagan's lair, where puppet Oliver learns to pickpocket and that he has a old school detective-esque half brother (seriously), and that the original story of Oliver Twist is actually quite confusing and contains too many subplots to keep straight.

As is the theme with these shows, the cast commit 150% to it's zany and brilliant nature, and give us a new retelling that we certainly won't be forgetting in a hurry!

How Did It Make Me Feel?

Laughter and joy are in abundance throughout. The cast beam with energy and I found myself belly laughing from start to finish.

The cast bounce off one another and are not afraid to push things to the limit. Puns are in not short supply here, and the appearance of "Time" as a reoccurring character is one of the highlights that Chris Thomson brings to the piece.

There is a bit of audience participation in this one, but it is gentle and kind, and there is a sense of camaraderie in the room that is really lovely.

Laura Mortemore is hilarious as Mr Brownlow as is Emily Kerr as a confused old judge.

The choice to have Oliver as a puppet is a clever one, with all cast members playing the character at one point or another. Not only does it allow for some hilarious physical humour (including a full on running medley) but also gives the show an anchor, for the rest of the cast to play around throughout.

The way in which the company work together to make such a manic show seem polished and slick is a credit to the entire team, and well worth sticking around for after Shakespeare for Breakfast!

Anything Else?

Another win and a brilliant lunch time show for all ages, especially if you like soup!

Amy x

Dickens For Dinner is playing at C Viva Main House until 26th August 2019.

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