• Amy Toledano

Denied Under by Connie Wookey

What is it?

A vibrant one woman show that entwines stories of loss, visa applications and a plane that gets stuck in the sky.

What's it all about?

Connie Wookey spends this one hour show, examining two significant periods in her life. The first, is her experience of living in New York, and the hoops she had to go through in order to be able to stay in the country. The second, is the story of her travels to her cousin's funeral in Alberta, Canada. She explains that her cousin died in a plane crash travelling home in one of the tiny aircrafts that fly to his particular town. The irony in Wookey's case is, however, that she now has had to fly in the same kind of tiny plane to attend the funeral. And it is experiencing some issues.

After an emergency landing and a visa nightmare Wookey reflects on the things she has learnt and the places she has been with a few cheeky songs thrown into the mix for good measure.

How did it make me feel?

The lovely thing about this show is it's conversational nature. The show feels much less formal than a standard one woman show, and more like a chat with a good friend, which is a rare and gorgeous thing. Wookey's re-lyriced songs were a great accompaniment to such a genuine, open performance. The show touches on some really poignant definitions of home and finding a place that you belong to, and reveals it's surprisingly emotional story, despite the light and comedic nature of the performance.

Wookey has a real way of understanding and connecting with the audience, and soon enough you have forgotten you aren't just at the pub with a group of friends catching up.

The choices are clear and concise, and it is obvious that director Emily Kerr has had a strong hand in the clever structure and balance of the piece.

Where Is It Playing?

The show was on at Canal Cafe Theatre. A perfect space for this cabaret-style show that provides Wookey with a venue that is intimate and personal.

Anything Else?

This show is really special and totally appealing to a range of audiences. It is personal, engaging and warm.

Amy x

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