• Amy Toledano

Dear Peter by Evangeline Dickson

Image by Lexi Clare

What is it?

Fragments of memories are linked together with music, audience participation, and Peter Pan, in this one woman piece about growing up.

What is it about?

Tonight we join Evangeline on her 25th Birthday. The space is filled with memories of her past- toys, blankets, clothing and one very important book. As Evangeline looks to J.M. Barrie's novel Peter Pan, a constant throughout her young life, she whispers the words that transport us into the memories we are about witness, with "Dear Peter".

An imaginary friend, or simply a presence in the room, it is never quite specified, "Peter" plays a huge part in the formation of Evangeline's life.

From her first day at secondary school, to an uncomfortable experience with a partner, grief and growing up, this piece takes on magical elements (glitter included) that lift her off the ground (literally) and into her younger self.

How did it make me feel?

This 30 minute exploration of growing up is incredibly tender, warm and honest. Dickson has a lovely stage presence, and brings us into her world effortlessly.

Each scene is fleeting, moving quickly through her mind, presenting each memory the way she remembers it. Peter Pan appears when he is called, but there are moments where this becomes a little confusing, and it is not completely clear whether he is present or not.

Each scene feels cut off from the one before (with the exception of a memory of being fifteen), and there is a sense wanting left in the room. In a way, I felt a little cheated, as I wanted to know more, and see more of this sparkly, exciting life.

Anything else?

It cannot be denied that this piece takes a simple idea and turns it into something magical, and this particular version of Dear Peter is one that I hope to see developed in the future.

Amy x

Dear Peter is playing on the 12th November 2019 at Tristan Bates Theatre.

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