• Amy Toledano

David McIver: Teleport

What is it? David McIver: Teleport is a character comedy show about his adolescence spent playing Online Role Playing Games. 

What is it all about?

David is 14 years old and his mum wants him off the computer but he has just created a new guild in a World-Of-Warcraft-like online role playing game and we are all invited to join. Our quest is to find the dragon and slay it to learn how to teleport. 

How did it make me feel?

Teleport, first and foremost, is an incredibly sweet show. McIver manages to make the sweaty, insolent stereotype of a 14 year old gamer likeable and engaging. As someone who has never cared about Online Role Playing games before in my life, I certainly cared about slaying this dragon with teenage David. McIver is a very strong performer, carrying this hyper energetic hour long show with dynamism and invention. His use of props, in particular, is a delight, each character more childish and fantastic than the last. To call it Character Comedy may be a stretch as most characters have the same voice and physicalisation, but the script, props and costume are tight enough for you to always know who you are talking to, and what’s going on. McIver would have benefitted from trusting himself more, as there were several moments where he explained the joke after, or just gave up halfway through. He is an incredibly quick witted writer and it feels like an insult both to himself and the audience to not see them through. The loss of the joke about his mum’s Text to Speech voice, for example, would have made the big twist at the end a lot more effective. It is hard to talk about the ending without spoiling it but it changes the show completely. McIver brings a more serious tone in the last few minutes. This is incredibly moving and underpinned a lot of what had been said before, but it does feel like a last minute add on and I would like to see it properly integrated into the script. 

Anything else?

David McIver is a phenomenal performer and writer who I have no doubt could make anyone care about anything, it just seems that he doesn’t always know that.

Serafina x

David McIver :Teleport played at the Studio, VAULT Festival until the 31st January 2020.

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