• Amy Toledano

Dangerous Lenses Presented by Papercut Theatre

Grace Chilton as Ann

What is it?

Dangerous Lenses is a chilling one woman show that asks the question when is it okay to intervene in other people's business? And is everything always as it seems?

What's it all about?

Ann (Grace Chilton) spends her days staring out her window, watching her neighbours and keeping tabs on them all. She is a gentle person, who enjoys her quiet life but a past event is haunting her, and after a new neighbour moves in to the building with his small daughter things take a turn for the worst as the lines between truth and reality become blurred.

How did it make me feel?

This show is spine-tingling. Chilton's incredible and mammoth performance in this show is beyond amazing and I found myself feeling breathless and on the egde of my seat throughout. Brooke Robinson has written a script that is incredibly compelling, and with clever segues and clever language throughout, this show is engaging from start to finish. Melissa Dunne's direction is slick and flows in a way that feels natural and shocking which brings out so much light and shade within the piece that you what to believe.

Anything Else?

A fantastic script with brilliant casting this show is an absolute must see especially for those who love a thriller that will have you guessing the entire way through.

Amy x


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