• Amy Toledano

Crystal Bollix Presents The Bitch Ball by Alexandra Christle

Alexandra Christle as Crystal Bollix

What is it?

A drag- cabaret party with lip-syncing extravaganza, live music and outfits to die for!

What's it all about?

Crystal Bollix is here to give us all a lesson in "Bitch Realness". What makes a bitch? How should we treat this word? This idea? Well Alexandra Christie's drag alter-ego is here to let us all know. And with a big old helping of hilarity and a kick ass attitude Crystal Bollix and her stoic Assistant are here to help us find out.

How did it make me feel?

This show is an absolute riot. With a slightly-flimsy and almost unnecessary storyline, the show follows the theme of what a "bitch" really is and Crystal Bollix does this with lip syncing along to RuPaul, audience participation (one interaction of which ends up with an audience member covered in whipped cream!) and a few examples of scenarios in which a woman has been called a bitch.

Bollix loses her way three quarters of the way through which breaks the show up with a tender moment of reflection for this louder than life character.

I loved the absurdness of this performance and found myself laughing and clapping along through all the high energy moments delivered.

Anything Else?

A special mention needs to go to the relationship between Crystal Bollix and her Assistant/Pianist played by the straight faced Lena Stahl. These two paired together makes for a never ending barrel of laughs. Overall, Crystal Bollix gives us a fun and entertaining show that will have you smiling from ear to ear from start to finish and a fresh lesson in how to achieve your best "Bitch Realness".

Amy x