• Amy Toledano

Counting Sheep Presented by Selfconscious Productions & Wild Yak, In association with Hot Feat

What is it?

An immersive show that takes the audience on a journey through the experiences of two young people during the Ukrainian uprising of Kiev in 2014.

What's it all about?

As the audience sits down at a long table we are introduced to Mark, a Canadian-Ukrainian young man visiting Kiev for the first time. As the show progresses we also meet Marichka, a classical musician born in Kiev who, while resisting the revolutionary riots at first eventually joins the fight and crosses paths with Mark. The show shares real passages from people who were apart of the Kiev uprising and explores the experience of two young people trying to fight for their freedom and their people through song, food and deep rooted passion.

How did it make me feel?

I must admit I was apprehensive about this one, as immersive theatre can often be a bit a little gimmicky for my taste but Counting Sheep is one of the most brilliant pieces of theatre I have ever seen. The absolute passion, energy and heartache poured into this project, the brilliant performances and the stunning visual were all breathtaking. The mood is utterly infectious and as a group of strangers share a meal, dance together and fight for a nation it is clear that this piece of art brings raw emotion to the forefront in a way that is completely unlike anything I have ever seen,

Anything Else?

It is difficult to put into words what it is like to experience this show. It is absolutely without a doubt a completely unique and inspired experience and I urge anyone who can to please see this wonderful piece of work. I truly believe that this kind of show is the future for British theatre and I can only hope that we see more like it.

Amy x


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