• Amy Toledano

Congratulations You B@$T@*D! Written by Laurence Platt, Produced by Ghosted Ink Arts Collective

What is it?

A two-hander that explores what it is to be a young artist living in a big city and the complications that come with it. It blurs the moral line between friendship and what it means to be successful.

What's it all about?

Congratulations you B@$T@*D! follows the story of Nick (played by creator Laurence Platt) and Mia (Georgia Crowther), two young writers who are at the end of their tether, after having their latest script rejected by hot-shot producer Harvey. Mia doesn't think they deserve to be treated like amateurs and Nick, while agreeing, thinks she may have blown their chances at success by storming out of their meeting.

Cut to a few bottles of pan juice* and drunken writing session lesson and the pair of friends have written the best script they have ever seen in their lives.

And this is the problem. Mia wants to put the show on herself and Nick wants to take it to Harvey to make money from. But whose idea of success is more morally sound? And at the end of the day, is wanting to make money and live comfortably from your work such a bad thing?

This show, through use of pop music and clever use of lighting, conveys to us the millennial ideals and understanding of the world.

How did it make me feel?

The story of the struggling artist is one many of us can resonate with, and it is clear to see that the actors and indeed the creatives of this project have felt the same feelings as their characters at some point or another. This adds a few lovely kernels of honesty that had me laughing despite myself. However, while served to remind me of my own creative endeavours, and their success and failures alike, the show actually made me feel quite awkward and at times uncomfortable.

Sadly much of the shows script seemed to serve as a way to only give us snap shots and montages of drunken behaviour, when really I found myself craving some real, truthful emotion.

I also felt a little left out as I didn't quite understand the pair's history and relationship and wanted more focus on who they were to each other.

I couldn't help feeling that this show was holding itself back, capable of really giving us a raw account of how hard it is to be an artist in a city saturated by other artists.

What does it remind me of?

It actually reminded me of Channel 4's Fresh Meat, presenting us with that broke, student type idea of what young people are like and using comedy and audiences addresses do so.

Where Was It Playing?

The show was on at The George Wood Theatre at Goldsmiths University. The space has been renovated recently and was lovely and open. The perfect home for this show and its specific set.

Anything Else?

This show was really enjoyable, with a lot of self deprecating humour and fun, and having a strong cast and wonderful company behind it like it does, is bound to have a long life in the fringe theatre world.

*Pan juice - the left over alcohol from other occasions that is mixed and warmed in a pan on the stove and used in moments of desperation.

Amy x

Congratulations You B@$T@*D! was performed at The George Wood Theatre, Goldsmiths University on the 19th September 2018.