• Amy Toledano

CLAW: The Confederation of Lady Arm Wrestlers, Heroes at Boteco

What Is It?

A group of comedians come together to perform their work and then to battle each other in some good old fashioned arm wrestling.

What Is It All About?

Two teams- blue and red. Blue is the hero team, red are the villains. The audience is asked to choose their side upon arrival and this is where their fate is decided.

Each team has two heroes or villains fighting for them, and with this the games begin.

With MC Ref Turf (Dian Cathalas) there to oversee the teams, the pairs wrestle until there is one winner. The audience are encouraged to cheer on their teams, there is banter and laughter throughout and the winner takes all!

How Did It Make Me Feel?

I really love the idea of this. But unfortunately the show felt very rushed and slapped together. There was no real structure, just lots of tangents.

There is a good ten minutes (possibly more) where Barb Ross (Christina Gulick) paints an audience members face in glitter, that goes on and on with no real reason.

The comedians are strong but it feels as if we are intruding on a show half the time, not that we are included in one.

Perhaps on a day where things aren't as rushed and there is a bit more of a structure that allows the audience to feel safe and comfortable and not worried as to what is going to happen next, it would make for a better overall show.

There are some hilarious moments from Ariel (Alex Webster) and Melanie Trump (Tjaša Ferme) as they battle it out for the prize of winner, but the show ends as strangely as it begins, with not a great deal happening.

Anything Else?

Have a few pints and head down for a fun hour and a half, but this is a show that is let down by its lack of organisation.


Amy x

CLAW: The The Confederation of Lady Arm Wrestlers, is playing at Heroes at Boteco until the 25th August 2019.

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