• Amy Toledano

Chutney by Reece Connolly, Bunker Theatre

Will Adolphy (Gregg) and Isabel Della-Porta (Claire)

What is it?

Chutney is a black comedy/horror, depicting the lives of a young suburban couple who find that they both have the same dark desires hiding within them and set out to make them a reality.

What's it all about?

Gregg and Claire are like most other young couples. Both in successful careers, living in a respectable neighbourhood, the pair are upstanding citizens of their community...or so it seems. After an incident occurs while dog sitting for friends, they discover that they both have the same dark instinct, the same thrill of the kill, and so begins their journey of chasing their bloody desires. After weeks of late nights escapades and weapon shopping on amazon, Claire and Gregg find that these needs are changing from what they originally intended and end up taking a dark turn that shapes their futures forever.

How did it make me feel?

This show, while funny definitely made me feel uncomfortable, as was its intention and made me think about the way in which people settle into what it is they are "supposed" to do, instead of what they really want. While this show is an extreme example of this, it does well to stir up inner emotions of desire and understanding of want we really want from this life and whether, what we end up doing is just an example of the society we live in and not the exact desires we would most like to live out. Director Georgie Straight has a way of keeping the pace at bubbling constant until it stops, barging into us head on and shaking us to our core. Will Adolphy (Gregg) and Isabel Della-Porta (Claire) keep us enthralled in their plight throughout and breathe a sinister energy into their performances that have the audience on the edge of it's seat. Like any good horror story, you really have no idea what is coming next.

Where Was It Playing?

The show is on at The Bunker Theatre and is a Flux Theatre Production, And with a clinical and emotionless set, that is functional for storing props and bloody blenders, gives a cold feeling of dread from the beginning.

Anything Else?

This show is not for the squeamish, but is definitely one for those who are fans of super dark, quick and witty comedy. Also one for those of us who don't mind a bit of gore.

Amy x

Chutney is playing at Bunker Theatre through till 1st December 2018.