• Amy Toledano

Celebrate presented by Fledgling Theatre

What is it?

A one man show that explores the different ways in which people grieve and survive in the face of tragedy.

What's it all about?

Brian Tynan is Howard, an eccentric Irishman with a talent for eulogies. Throughout this almost completely realtime production, Howard takes us through his experiences of becoming a celebrant, and as his quirky exterior starts to slip away we become away of his dark past and the grief that has held him hostage for years. Complete with a spot of karaoke and disco lighting we come to learn that the reason for his choice of profession is not simply for monetary gain, but is a way in which he can share his pain with others and find comfort in the fact that everyone suffers in their own way.

How did it make me feel?

The show moved at a range of paces and as Tynan's energy built and subdued, so did the tension and before I knew it we were being exposed to this characters sad past (that I felt so completely). The writing by Callum Cameron is clever, and as the emotion builds so does the audiences experience, creating an almost funeral-like vibes overall. An interesting set and clever lighting design add to the effect of the show giving it its stark quality right up until the end, and embodies a really charming sense of self that is totally warm and satisfying.

Anything Else?

A lovely piece of theatre that holds true to the idea that grief is a completely personal and unique experience for each of us.

Amy x

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