• Amy Toledano

Call Me Fury presented by Out Of The Forest Theatre

Image courtesy of David Spence

What Is It?

A wonderfully poetic disembowelling of Arthur Miller's The Crucible, as told by the women who were accused of "witchcraft" during the Salem witch trials of 17th century.

What Is It All About?

Four women, instruments in hand, take the stage and begin to uncover the stories of the women who were accused of witchcraft in 1692. These women, re-created in fiction by Arthur Miller in The Crucible, are never given the true story they deserve. And so, Call Me Fury works not only to explore what they were thinking and feeling throughout these horrific events, but are here to honour them as fellow women, women that you and I could have known and could even be.

Combining a mix of folk and country sounds, this brilliant ensemble weave together a story through the eyes of the women who suffered at the hands of men in power and even those who were not. They peel back the patriarchal layers of this story and reveal the truth behind what actually happened. Unsurprisingly we find a story of women who were abused, raped, tortured and made into scape goats, a trend that has not changed to this day.

How Did It Make Me Feel?

The four performers of this show are all, forces to be reckoned with. Call Me Fury is led by the electric Sasha Wilson, who is also the writer of the show, and is accompanied by Mairi Hawthorn, Gracie Lai and Olivia Kennett. The entire cast employ inventive staging and movement to utilise the small space and to spare the audience of any real goriness that would have undoubtedly occurred at this time in history. A special mention of this is a brilliant beheading scene that happens using only a sheet and a hand fan.

The writing is fiery and unapologetic, and Wilson's unmistakeable style pours out. It uses music as a way for the characters to express their inner- most emotions, and this has a profound impact on the rest of the show.

Talent comes in droves with this excellent piece of dark theatre, that humanises those who were accused of evils that are beyond any humans means.

Anything Else?

Inventive, empowering and honest as all hell, Call me Fury kicks the mediocrity of men up the arse and offers those oppressed the chance at a revolution.

Amy x

Call Me Fury is playing at The Hope Theatre until the 6th October 2019.

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