• Amy Toledano

Buzzing, PQA Venues, Riddle's Court

What Is It?

Julie is newly single at the age of 50 and ready to find the new her.

What Is It All About?

Julie (Debbie Bird) is making a list. A list of all the men she wants to shag. Just because she is fifty, doesn't mean she can't have fun. And so her journey of finding and redefining herself begins.

Julie experiences excitement, self loathing, the joy of sex toys and the heartbreak of real love.

But Julie learns that it takes time to find yourself, and once she gives herself this reflection and comes to terms with her own wants and needs, she then realises what it is that truly makes her happy.

How Did It Make Me Feel?

The main premise of the show is that women over 40 cannot talk or think about sex, but Bird does not hesitate to do so in this bold one woman show.

The room has an informal vibe about it, and there are some really lovely moments of audience interaction that keep the audience engaged.

And while it is wonderful to see a woman, taking back her sexuality, the show, for me, felt a little predictable.

It was still at a surface level most of the time, and I really wanted Bird to push deeper, and not let most of the story still be defined by the validation of men. Because the focus on her wanting to sleep with men, her relationships with men, even the fact that when she finally realises she doesn't need them to be happy, she receives a text from an old flame which triggers this same validation.

Bird gives a committed and genuine performance however, and absolutely smashes through the classic ideas about how middle aged women should behave.

Anything Else?

Buzzing is fun and empowering with a great performance and lots of laughs.

Amy x

Buzzing is playing at PQA Venues, Riddle's Court until 26th August 2019.

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