• Amy Toledano

Bobby & Amy, Pleasance Courtyard, Upstairs

What Is It?

A story of friendship and small town hardship in the wake of foot-and-mouth disease.

What Is It All About?

Both Bobby (Will Howard) and Amy (Kimberly Jarvis) do not have any friends. They are both outcasts, one called a weird Robot boy, the other a weird troll. Through their misunderstood experience, the pair join together, and a lasting friendship is born.

They play in the fields and help out their local farmer, they even help birthing a baby cow and get to name her themselves.

But once foot-and-mouth disease hits the country, this once thriving community is plunged into poverty and this sleepy Cotswold town will never be the same.

Bobby and Amy do everything they can to make sure nothing changes but the eventual overhaul hits the town hard and they are forced to either accept it or leave.

How Did It Make Me Feel?

This story is not an uncommon for much of rural England, but is also not one we often see on the stage.

The writing is beautiful, and Emily Jenkins creates a world that buzzes and fizzes with the excitement of the early naughties, and subtly paints a very real image of small-town England.

The characters are varied and familiar, and the performances from both Howard and Jarvis are sublime.

Although it is drenched in melancholy, the story of this pair of young friends is vibrant and leaves the audience with the bitter taste of industry and greed that has bulldozed many of the small communities of this country.

Anything Else?

Bobby & Amy is a rare and wonderful gift, that takes you on a journey that will hit you right in the gut and leave a mark for days.

Amy x

Bobby & Amy is playing at Pleasance Courtyard, Upstairs until the 26th August 2019.

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