• Amy Toledano

Blue Departed Presented by Anima Theatre Company

(Left to Right) Richard James Clarke (His Brother), Rebecca Layoo (Her), Mark Conway (Him)

What is it?

A story of grief disguised as a story of addiction, Serafina Cusack creates a dream-like world of highs and come-downs in this poetic tragicomedy-style three hander.

What's it all about?

He (Mark Conway- Him) is walking the streets in a fever dream, never wanting to get home. For when he gets home, he has to see Her ( Rebecca Layoo). Lost in a diluted existence he does not realise the gravity of his situation until His Brother (Richard James Clarke) arrives and attempts to clean up his mess. A non-linear story that explores the many different roads that lead to addiction, including the unusual and the cookie-cutter tales alike, and asks what happens when all the nightmares come good? And when is enough enough?

How did it make me feel?

This piece of work is complex and yet by the end the message becomes incredibly clear. This fever dream takes the audience into a place that feels damp with the sweat and blood of each hit, each repercussion and each comedown. It made me feel on edge, uncomfortable but also made me laugh, often, in spite of myself and when the show finds itself on the brink of utter delusion, Cusack's clever writing smacks the audience in the face with a one-liner that breaks the tension in a way that is elegant and necessary.

Anything Else?

The show is a bit of a rollercoaster, and although at times the dialogue seems intentionally over-complicated and staccato, it always comes back to a place that is filled with raw emotion, the acceptance of that emotion and stings with the painful gap of missing that comes from the losing the person you need most.

Amy x


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