• Amy Toledano

Bin Juice presented by Cat Kolubayev

What is it? Belinda has come for an interview at a waste disposal company because she thinks it looks cool, but the dark underbelly of this operation quickly presents itself.

What is it all about?

This hour long three hander is a sharp witted comedy set to the sights and smells of bin juice. Belinda, or Barney as she’s sometimes known, is desperate for a job and the voice at the end of the phone is willing to give her one because she’s impressionable. Hilarious double act Francine and Marla get her trained up as they deal with an indiscretion of their own.

How did it make me feel?

This show is hilarious, frighteningly dark, but mainly hilarious. All three actors in this show are pitch perfect, hitting every single beat and every single understated punchline. Adeline Waby plays the woman in charge, Francine. She is contrary and pedantic and holds the power in the room so tightly you worry what might happen if she leaves. Madison Clare plays dim-witted side kick Marla with the physical precision of a ballet dancer. Every facial expression, every tiny change in body language is perfectly crafted and makes Marla one of the most heartbreakingly empathetic characters in the play. Finally we have Helen Antoniou as Belinda, her character is used to drive the plot forward and she does this with subtlety and ease, every line is off-kilter and curious. Direction by Anastasia Bruce Jones is intricate and clever, she has clearly spent a lot of time on character work and it pays off. Bin Juice is written by Cat Kolubayev who carves a space out for women in the world of crime fiction. Bin Juice is a shining example that female representation doesn't have to feel forced as all three female characters were right at home in this seedy underbelly of waste removal.

Anything else?

Bin Juice is a faultless crime comedy that I would recommend anyone to go and watch.

Serafina x

Bin Juice is playing in Cavern, VAULT Festival, until the 15th March 2020.

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