• Amy Toledano

Bible John, Pleasance Courtyard, Pleasance Above

What Is It?

Four women bond over their obsession with true crime, and find themselves being caught up in one particular case that has remained unsolved.

What Is It All About?

Four women, who work together in an office see each other everyday, but do they really know each other? They remain civil, with greetings and offers of tea, but they all have a secret. They will all leave work, go home, and scroll through article after article, listen to podcast after podcast, and won't come up out of this rabbit hole for hours.

After a chance moment of noticing someone's iPod listening, things escalate more quickly than they could have imagined.

They form a group, they listening to these podcasts together, discuss the articles in all their minute details, and share their passion.

They discover a new podcast, which explores the murder of three Glaswegian women at the hands of a yet to be convicted man, simply known as Bible John.

They obsess over the case, they do their own investigations, their own research and hang off of every episode.

But as their series draws to a close, there is still no conviction, no outcome, and these women, are not okay with it.

How Did It Make Me Feel?

What an interesting and complex piece of theatre.

The four women are brilliant, and work together to tell this story in a familiar and exciting way. Excellent direction is at play here by Lizzie Manwaring, with the clever use of props to signify important factors, such as using headphones as various items throughout, and the use of microphones to symbolise different voices.

Writer Caitlin McEwan also plays one of the women, and presents this complex and layered script with endless energy and angst.

Their obsession with this particular case gets out of hand and what is so good about this show, is that it challenges the audience and reminds them of what they are actually seeing, real, brutal murders that should never have happened, but that have unbelievably occurred in this world. And that could, very possibly happen to them.

Anything Else?

True crime is definitely having a moment, but what Bible John does, is recognise that these stories are not simply for our entertainment, but are the stories of real people, usually women, who lost their lives in horrific and tragic ways.

Amy x

Bible John is playing at Pleasance Courtyard, Pleasance Above until the 26th August 2019.

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