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Beth Vyse as Olive Hands in The Hand That Rocked The Cradle Presented by Beth Vyse

What is it?

A totally insane character comedy show that stars number 2 in the morning Olive Hands (Beth Vyse) and her assistant Tiny Hands.

What's it all about?

Olive Hands has had a bit of a snag in her career and is looking for a comeback. Luckily she has had a lightbulb moment and decided to cash in on one of the most popular things currently. Women. In particular, empowered women such as single mothers. So Olive Hands is back, with her lovely co-host Tiny Hands (her baby) and along with her strange faceless assistant Clap, they attempt to create the best morning tv show around. But when all her esteemed guests get trapped at London Zoo by a bunch of monkeys Olive has to do her best to improvise, and improvise she does.

How did it make me feel?

Now I have to say, this show definitely has it's own kind of humour that is fairly outrageous and not particularly to everyone's taste. It had a very British style that at times actually made me feel quite alienated. And while Vyse makes big, bold choices and completely puts herself on the line in terms of pushing herself, there are times when it feels too much and the show becomes a continuous set of gags, with the real story of the show often forgotten, with very little pay-off overall.

There is a lot of audience participation in the show as well, that often feels rushed and not particularly thought through. There seems to be quite a lack of caring about the people that are onstage with her and it is, at times, quite uncomfortable to watch.

The use of her baby is lovely, and it is impossible not to enjoy seeing him up there smiling, but again, this feels like a gimmick that isn't particularly used to it's advantage.

Vyse never lacks punchiness though, and she makes big, bold choices that are always exciting and this is what really makes the show.

Anything Else?

While this brand of comedy is not my style, the passion and commitment is all there and Vyse is always ready guns blazing with energy for days.

Amy x

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