• Amy Toledano

Becoming The Invisible Woman by Sarah Wanendeya

Sarah Wandendeya Writer and Performer.

What is it?

A funny and poignant exploration of what it really is to be a middle-aged woman in today's society, exposing the lies that women are fed from birth and the way they are turned on their heads once they reach a certain stage in their lives.

What's it all about?

Our unnamed leading lady (Wanendeya) wakes up one day and realises, she is middle aged. But she doesn't understand? She has always just carried on, the way she always has, how could it have come so quickly. She doesn't feel it on the inside, so why then is it so shocking? Completely shaken by this revelation a chorus of middle aged women join Wanendeya to help her to not only come to terms with this new chapter of her life but to embrace her age and how much of her life she has left to live.

How did it make me feel?

Inspired. Excited. Nostalgic. This show made me feel so much and more. A wonderful perspective so often unseen, it was lovely to have a stage full of amazing women telling their stories and embracing who they were and the living they had left to do. There were a few moments where I found myself hoping that more of the chorus would be used to show us the memories that Wanendeya conjures, and often was left wanting a full picture as opposed to a small description of one. These memories are so exhilarating, it feels strange that some of them are surprisingly static when they needn't be.

Anything Else?

On a whole this show is one that absolutely needs to be seen, talked about and developed further as it was so refreshing and important to hear stories of women who find themselves on the outside of beauty, desirability and even love simply because of their age.

Amy x