• Amy Toledano

Beach Body Ready, Pleasance Courtyard, Pleasance Above

Image courtesy of Tom Arran

What Is It?

Three women, breakdown how it feels to be in their bodies and the pressure and negativity society puts on them to achieve the "prefect size"... whatever that may be.

What Is It All About?

The Roaring Girls stand on a stage in very little clothing. Two of them are fat. One is skinny.

But there is nothing nasty in these descriptions. They don't mean lazy, grotesque or stupid. They just simply mean fat. Or skinny. Nothing more. And The Roaring Girls are here to celebrate that.

These women share honest and brutal truths about how it feels to live in bodies that are made to feel like they are not enough, like they are not worthy of the space they take up, like they are not worth anyone's time.

They dance, they sing and they cry. But most of all they inspire and celebrate each other and themselves and finally head to the beach for a lovely time.

How Did It Make Me Feel?

Hands down, this is one of the best shows I have seen this fringe.

I cried and I laughed, often at the same time. Because it isn't just themselves these brilliant women were talking about, it is for all women everywhere.

Comparisons and shame come up a lot within the piece, and it is really beautiful to see such support between the company, as they often cut each other off and remind one another that their inner monologue, that critical voice, is wrong and not to take it as truth.

There is music, there is dancing and there is a hell of a lot of self love here, but there is also real conversation about the horrible treatment of people who don't look a certain way. It is marvellous and it hits you real hard.

Anything Else?

Beach Body Ready is the show the world has been waiting for. The important conversation and the love that flows from the piece is overwhelming and will have you rethinking that lens you see yourself through every time you look in the mirror.

Amy x

Beach Body Ready is playing at Pleasance Courtyard, Pleasance Above until the 26th August 2019.

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