• Amy Toledano

BattleActs at Vault Festival Lates

What is it? A late night improvised comedy show. 

What is it all about?

BattleActs puts two teams of two improvisers against each other in short form improv games in order to crown the Battle Acts winner. 

How did it make me feel?

Improvised Comedy is a difficult beast to tame, so at the mercy of the energy level and size of the audience. 

BattleActs was up against a particularly large beast as there were 15 audience members who clearly felt uncomfortable and visible. 

But host, Oliver Izod made a valiant effort of bringing them back and by the end everyone was laughing. The idea to have two teams compete (if arbitrarily) against each other is simple and effective, people pick their favourites and root for them early on. Emily Lloyd-Saini is one of the strongest improviser, switching from strong accent to bizarre situation effortlessly. In some of the deeper moments of awkwardness at the start host Izod and performer Anne Leong Brophy fall into the trap of relying on inside jokes that are quite noticeable and only further distance the audience from the teams. 

Anything else?

There is no doubt that BattleActs is a raucous and fun late night show, just make sure you bring your friends as it is a difficult comeback from the brink of cringe.

Serafina x

BattleActs is playing at the Crescent until the 30th January 2020.

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