• Amy Toledano

Asper-Girl by Hannah Cound

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

Image by Lexi Clare

What is it? An autobiographical new musical that encompasses the Spoon Theory in order to compartmentalize and determine what it is to be a 'normal' woman who also happens to have Autism (but not too much).

What is it about? Hannah Cound is very normal person. She goes about her day just like any other woman would, colour-coding her food and using The Spoon Theory to do tasks such as cleaning the dishes and putting on makeup.

In this gorgeous musical, Cound uses separate boxes to illustrate some of the more known assumptions about people wish Autism, including the media's frankly sexist and extreme representation of those with various forms of it, and the impact this has had on the connections and relationships she has had with people throughout her life.

How did it make me feel? Cound, along with Amy Le Rossignol who also writes the music and lyrics for the show, create a lovely piece with a strong premise and stage presence.

Cound is very likable, and her musicality and vocals are brilliant. The audience is on board with her from the start, as her comedic timing creates a lovely atmosphere for all involved. Cound's use of props is very clever, and her creative style builds images that are clear, playful and powerful.

The thing that makes this show particularly beautiful is not only Cound's personable delivery, but it is the way in which she finds herself in such a tender and emotive way.

Anything else? When it boils down to it, this is a story about a woman figuring out who she is. It finds similarities in the wants and needs of all people, and ends on a high note of pride and pure joy that is a pleasure to witness. Amy x

Amy x Asper-Girl is playing on the 11th November 2019 at Tristan Bates Theatre.

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