• Amy Toledano

Ares presented by Katie Granger

What is it?

A women reflects on her life in the place she was born, under the stars that have led her to this exact moment.

What's it all about?

Alice (Andrea Hall) is an astrophysicist, who has been selected to head the first manned mission to Mars, named Ares. A strong masculine mission, carried about by a woman who has earnt her place in a community that for so long made her feel as if she did not belong.

Alice reminisces about the astronaut at the top of the list to lead the mission, Daniel. Seemingly perfect for the job Alice finds herself disliking him immediately, feeling that his easy presence is discerning and annoying. However, as fate would happen the pair find themselves in each others company more often than not and two years later, they are married.

Exploring the childhood that brought her the position she is now, a kind father and mother who was not at all present, Alice finds solace in the darkness of her past, love and hope in the stars and the child growing inside her.

How did it make me feel?

It is immediately clear that this piece has been put together by an all female and non-binary creative team. The language and feelings that Alice portrays are incredibly truthful and beautifully presented. Katie Granger's writing is lovely, tender and heartfelt and genuine through and through. Hall's epic performance as Alice is sensational, emotive and evocative as she builds the world for the audience effortlessly. A story that covers many subject matters, the show combines them all in a way that is subtle and gratifying and not to mention tear jerking at the best of times. The use of multimedia (created by Heather Pasfield) throughout is powerful too, with images of space, stars and Dan coming in and out of focus and assisting in building the atmosphere and light and shade of the piece.

Anything Else?

Beautifully performed and presented, Ares is a brilliant perspective that is vital to the theatre community.

Amy x

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