• Amy Toledano

Algorithms, Pleasance Courtyard, Baby Grand

Image courtesy of Ali Wright

What Is It?

Brooke (Sadie Clark) takes us on a journey of love lost and found in the lead up to her thirtieth birthday in this bisexual rom-com.

What Is It All About?

The algorithm for love is something Brooke is very familiar with. Not only does she spend her days matching up those who are on the hunt for love to their "perfect" partners for the online dating company she works for, but she is in a loved up relationship herself with the football loving Amira.

But as Amira grows distant, Brooke finds herself falling into a spiral of lost hope, and once their eventual break up happens, Brooke needs to figure out how she is going to face turning thirty alone.

Hope is not lost though, and Brooke matches herself with a load of different people, using her foolproof algorithm, and spends her evenings enduring an array of dates and people that are anything but her perfect match.

How Did It Make Me Feel?

This show really spoke to me. Not only is the first time I have seen a bisexual woman being hone represented in theatre, but it was just bloody good.

The show leaned in hard to the classic cliche's of romantic comedies but spun it on it's head by exposing the real difficulties for women who have been heartbroken, and the pressure on women to settle down and make themselves small.

With a cracking soundtrack (I am always ready for a Gabrielle singalong!) the show is a beautiful and painfully truthful representation of the bisexual dating experience.

Anything Else?

Sadie Clarke is phenomenal in this show and puts herself out there for the audience, never apologising for being who she is, and accepting that everyone is on their own journey and comparisons are absolutely pointless.

Amy x

Algorithms is playing at Pleasance Courtyard, Baby Grand until the 26th August 2019.

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