• Amy Toledano

Aladdin and the Feast of Wonders presented by Darling & Edge

What Is It?

Aladdin and the Feast of Wonders is an incredibly funny and immersive adult panto accompanied by a four course dinner feast. This hilarious evening is complete with a cast of cabaret artists, drag queens and kings, and delicious food.

What Is It About?

The hot news in the town of Agrablahblahblah is that the Emperor is dead and the Princess must choose a husband by midnight if she wants to keep the throne! As the audience, we are immidately transformed into some of Agrablahblahblah's finest citizens and are introduced to Mama, the typical dame we all know and love, who guides us throughout this new, yet partly familiar, world of her White Washing Launderette, Princess Jizzmine, Jaclose, Aladdin, and a magic lamp. Mama takes her new citizens to the palace to help Aladdin win the heart of the Princess, but also let's the audience have a shot at winning her heart, too. 

How Did It Make Me Feel?

This is one of the best nights out in London by far! If you are seeking an adult panto to jump start your Christmas festivities, look no further than The Vaults Theatre at Waterloo. One thing that really makes this panto different from your traditional pantos is that it is a wine and dine event. There are two bars with an original cocktail menu that has themed drinks that the audience can buy at any point throughout the performance, as well as a fully catered four course dinner meal. Of note, this food is high quality and quite filling! The evening also has just the right amount of audience participation, keeping us engaged and entertained. 

The quality of the performances is very high and they are extremely dedicated and immersed in their roles, which just makes it all the better for the audience. 

It is a unique experience as an adult to revisit a story that we know so well but to have a hilarious, witty, sexy, drag retelling of it. 

As an audience, we are engaged, welcomed, and entertained. 

Where Is It?

The Vaults Theatre presents a very cool venue for an immersive dining experience. The space lends itself to an open, coliseum like area which is perfect for the new citizens of Agrablahblahblah to witness the events unfolding. To continue with the immersive streak, we are guided up the stairs as we journey through the city to the Palace where the #FeastOf Wonders awaits us. The upstairs space at the Vaults is spacious enough that we can still make our way to the bar, but intimate enough that we still feel like invited guests to Jizzmine's feast. 

It is an incredibly clever use of the space which allows for it to be a true immersive experience. 

Anything Else?

It is worth noting that the makeup, costumes, and set are gorgeous and colourful. It is ingeniously written, directed, and choreographed by ShayShay. The performers are committed and hysterical. I highly recommend taking a trip to the #FeastofWonders for a night you'll be talking about for a while.

Natasha x

Aladdin and the Feast of Wonders is playing at Hello, Darling until the 14th January 2020.

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