• Amy Toledano

Age Fright: 35 and Counting, PQA Venues @ Riddle's Court

What Is It?

Jaleelah Galbraith takes us on a 90s filled journey of growing up and of learning to feel your age.

What Is It All About?

Jal doesn't feel 35. She feels as though she left school a week ago and is still figuring out how to be an adult. Because nobody teaches you how to be an adult, school is all about your GCSE results, no one actually teaches you anything practical. So Jal is here talk about what it was like for her growing up in her favourite era (the 90s) and all the things she learnt along the way.

Push pops, slap bands and those necklaces that spell out your name make an appearance as well as a whole load more classic things that made up such an unforgettable era. The show delicately looks at the importance of not worrying about your age and being happy with the age you feel, not the one on your driving license.

How Did It Make Me Feel?

This show is conversational, it's familiar and is really lovely.

Jal oozes confidence and is straight up hilarious. Her banter with the audience is natural and easy, and her message is clear from the start. Her turn to conversations of an old friend is incredibly tender and heartfelt, and Galbraith always has time to be open and honest with the room. The atmosphere is relaxed from the start and feels more like a conversation you would have with a friend at the pub than a formal show, a total gem in amongst the huge list of shows at this year's fringe.

Anything Else?

Music, chats and memories galore, this show will have you feeling warm and fuzzy, and is not just for 90s babies!

Amy x

Age Fright: 35 and Counting is playing at PQA Venues, Riddle's Court until the 26th August 2019.

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