• Amy Toledano

A Wake In Progress Presented by Fine Mess Theatre and Leila Sykes

What is it?

An inventive, interactive, ensemble show that addresses the many factors surrounding death and grief, using audience experiences and ideas to create the story of a woman and how her decisions and ideas on death affect those around her. Created as a part of Let's Talk at Vault Festival with Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust.

What's it all about?

The premise of this show is that it is a show about death. Beside's that though, the cast approach the audience in a number of different ways and begin to factor their imput and ideas into the show. What occurs is the story of a woman and her imminent death. Through conversations with friends and family she decides she wants to have a funeral rehearsal to share with those closest to her in order to ease the pain of what is about to happen.

How did it make me feel?

This piece is very clever and very revealing. It opens the audience up to possibilities and ideas that are not conventionally associated with death and gives a greater understanding of grief and the different paths people take when dealing with such emotional issues.

The show is completely inclusive and by the end, we as an audience are invited to attend the wake, with bubbles and party hats included and are completely apart of this world that we have built together. The cast are gentle and open and it is so special to participate in this unique and warm theatrical experience.

Anything Else?

A Wake In Progress is sentimental, emotional and very astute in it's writing. It brings to light the many different experiences that we all have when surrounding death and grief and gives new meaning to our shared experiences as humans.

Amy x

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