• Amy Toledano

A Sticky Season by Jack Donald

Jack Donald Writer and Performer

What is it?

A young man stumbles upon a magical fruit tree and with the help of two spirits is transported through time to experience the controversial existence of Gaetan Dugas and Joe Orton before the legalisation of homosexuality in America and the UK.

What's it all about?

Jack Donald is in search of himself. Finding himself at an old tree filled with magical fruits he is taken on an a harrowing and complex journey to San Fransico in the 1980s, and then to 1960s England to create small connections with two men who made history with their controversial and heartbreaking lives during these times. Along the way Donald is forced to reflect on questions of his own sexuality and need for acceptance within his family.

How did it make me feel?

There are so many wonderful elements of this show that make it great. Donald's poetic writing dances through the air with elegance and sensuality and paints an image that is vivid and exciting. His gorgeous vocals are a pleasure to listen to and his open performance style had a beat poetry style about it that that made this unique show all the more entertaining.

Anything Else?

Donald is supported by Marcus McManus and Rosie-Lea Sparkle as the two spirits that take Donald through time, and their presence is haunting and ghost-like as they float and linger on the edges of the stage. Overall the show is a completely original one, that will tickle all human senses, as the smell of the citrusy fruit and the atmosphere of the room wraps the audience up in a tale of understanding and love.

Amy x