• Amy Toledano

A Hundred Words For Snow presented by RJG Productions

What is it?

The story of one teenage girl and her experiences of grief, connection, self discovery and her search for The North Pole.

What's it all about?

Tatty Hennessy's tender story of grief follows teenager Rory (Gemma Barnett) and a period of her life in which she is forced to examine herself and her relationships. After Rory's father dies suddenly both her and her mother are struggling to accept what has happened. Rory avoids her mother and locks herself away in her room as much as possible. However, after exploring her father's study, she stumbles across his journal and all his plans to take Rory to find the North Pole the following year. Without hesitation, Rory takes her chance and equipped with her mother's credit card, her father's autobiographies of "beardy men" who have undertaken the same voyage before her, and her father's ashes, Rory makes the journey that her father never got to take. Along the way she meets many different people and experiences many firsts, in a long list of self discovery that forces her to face her grief and emotion more closely than she had planned.

How did it make me feel?

This is an absolute tour-de-force of a show, and Barnett is brilliant as the naive yet determined Rory. Hennessy's writing is bold and exciting and Lucy Jane Atkinson's direction is clever as the shows pace bubbles and flows in a gentle yet energetic manner. The imagery created is totally original and Barnett has a wonderful way of engaging with her audience and making them feel safe. This story is highly inventive, and tells a story of self discovery that is unlike the usual archetypes that tend to be the norm.

Where Is It Playing?

Trafalgar Studios is the lovely nook that is home to this show until the 30th March 2019.

Anything Else?

This impassioned piece of theatre is an honest and original story about grief and family, that does not comply with the clichéd narratives of coming of age that are so common in female-led stories.

Amy x

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