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17. Presented by Wildcard

What is it?

Written by Frankie Meredith, this poignant two-hander follows the events of two seventeen year old girls and the implications that social media and the web has on their lives.

What's it all about?

This story follows Yasmin (Annice Boparai) and Casey (Emma James), and the constant challenges they face in their daily lives. The contrast between their upbringing's is stark, however their friendship remains strong throughout. We witness the events that lead up to one particular night, in which Yasmin finds herself intoxicated and taken advantage of, and the cruel implications that come as a result. The consequences are rife and we see the way in which technology completely shapes the lives of young people today.

How did it make me feel?

This one absolute struck a chord with me, as anyone who has ever felt victimized and vulnerable, especially those of us who identify as female, will feel completely connected to these two girls and the way they are so completely influenced by others. Boparai's performance is spot on in her representation of the innocence of youth and the suffocation that family and cultural pressures put on young people. Likewise, James provides a rich and clear array of characters that produce both comedic and uncomfortable reactions from the audience. Meredith's writing is inventive and her use of different mediums such as spoken word, monologues and rap, creates a world where as an audience we feel as if we are getting a sneak peek at the inner-most thoughts of these young women.

Anything Else?

17. is not one to be missed, as the message is clear and important and provides a voice for all young women who have ever felt attacked, pressured and victimized through the ever-changing world of social media.

Amy x


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